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Toyal, 40 years in the Aspe Valley

Toyal 40

In August 1982, the TOYO ALUMINIUM Group decided to strengthen its activities in Europe by joining forces with the Alcan Group. Nearly 15 years of collaboration followed, allowing our company to grow and increase its production capacity.
As a recognized leader in its markets, the Toyo Group has enabled us to continue to promote our activities, in particular through its recognized innovation and know-how, by
Valley of Aspe but also in Bearn.

Yes, the history of our company is closely linked to that of the Aspe Valley since 1938, but the 40 years that have just passed with the Toyo Group have allowed our company to develop and to perpetuate our activities in Bearn.

These 40 years have certainly been punctuated by economic ups and downs that have been more or less favourable, but it is clear that our company has weathered them with varying degrees of difficulty, but always thanks to and alongside the men and women who make up
its deep DNA.

Today, as forty years ago, our main objectives remain intact:
to serve our customers with excellence, promote our business through other functional product lines, capitalize on innovation and continue to grow our company alongside the Toyo Group.