Innovation at the heart of industrial performance

Part of a Group, which was the first to create more than 50 years ago the first research centre for aluminium foil in 1964 and then for pigments in 1967, Toyal Europe innovates in close collaboration with Japanese teams and places research and development at the heart of its performance.

Imagine and design the future

Constantly innovate and provide products using most advanced technologies

Industrial perfection as a driving force

Constantly promote the evolution of our processes and our teams

Listening to customers is at the heart of our processes

Giving customers a voice and putting them at the heart of our organizations

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A unique range of technical solutions to meet all your needs

Additive Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense​


Security and anti-counterfeit


General Industry​

Cold spray


Thermal Management


Aluminum is an exceptional metal, durable and that makes the world shine

Aluminum is one of the most abundant non-ferrous metals, constituting on average 8% of the mass of materials on the planet’s solid surface. It is a “young” metal compared to other “older” metals such as copper or iron since aluminum was only isolated in the middle of the 19th century.

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The technological innovation implemented for many years within the Group allow Toyal Europe to offer a range of innovative solutions to meet the complex and diverse technical situations of our customers.

Sectors of application

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