An industrial and international company in the heart of the Aspe valley in a natural setting

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Located in the heart of the Aspe Valley near the Pyrenees National Park, the industrial site, split by the Lescun river, has very restricted operating characteristics.

Like the Toyo Group, a member of the United Nations Global pact the company has been strongly committed to respecting and maintaining the environment for over 20 years. The company has always oriented its industrial choices towards strict respect for the environment.

For more than 25 years, the company has included significant budget lines in its annual investments to ensure that the site’s environmental footprint is as small as possible, such as the installation of specific filters to collect aluminum particles or the installation of solvent overflow prevention devices on its process tanks.


Aluminum is a metal with extraordinary properties, as it is light, strong, resistant to wear and tear such as rust, it reflects light, and moreover, it dissipates heat in a very efficient way, which is why it is nowadays favored in various advanced technologies.

Compared to other metals, aluminium has an infinite recycling cycle without any loss of its physical and chemical qualities, so it fits perfectly into a circular economy dynamic.

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While primary production is energy-intensive, recycling consumes only 5% of the energy initially required, and if we consider that stocks of aluminium from recycling are constantly growing, these stocks constitute important resources for the future, at an extremely low energy cost (particularly electricity).

Our pillars

“The permanent analysis of our impacts allows us to better define and target our action plans.”

Our partners

Toyal Europe evolves and works with a wide and diversified panel of suppliers, ranging from micro-enterprises to large industrial groups. The company is committed to responsible purchasing and duty of care based on respect for fundamental principles (human rights, labor standards, preservation of resources, fight against corruption).

Our team

Our company promotes a policy of diversity and equality, and attaches great importance to the identification and development of talent in an optimal working environment. Our commitment has been strengthened as the Covid-19 pandemic deepens inequalities and exacerbates fragility around the world

Our environment

The main objective of the company is to control the environmental impact of its activities by reducing solvent, water and energy consumption, VOC emissions and waste production and management. This approach is intended to be global and concerns our entire value chain, from production to delivery, including the activities of our transversal teams.

A commitment to 4 Sustainable Development Goals

“Corporate responsibility in all its dimensions – economic, social, societal and environmental – has been an integral part of the way we do business for many years.”

We assess the main environmental risks associated with our activities and implement a rigorous policy of monitoring performance indicators and developing corrective actions to limit our environmental impact. We promote local partnerships

Furthermore, we recognise that positive involvement in environmental issues is an essential part of our business and existence as an entity and we must continue to address these issues as they relate to building a sustainable society through efforts to harmonise with the environment.

We consider the needs of our environment, promote responsible production and develop socially useful products and services for its ecosystems, and ensure the satisfaction of our customers with the aim of gaining and retaining their trust in the long term.

To be more integrated into the surrounding world and to be part of the future with local and regional partners. Develop local alliances and promote local employment. Fight against corruption and develop our internal and external communication policy.

We are implementing measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and to enhance the quality of life at work for all our employees.

We respect the individuality and differences of our employees, and ensure their comfort at work by giving priority to safety and health, in a constant effort to guarantee the physical and mental well-being of our employees.

We value diversity as a source of wealth, particularly through the diversity of our employees’ backgrounds, but also through the representation and appreciation of all generations.

Efforts and recognised sensitivity

Since fiscal year 2020, Toyal Europe relies on the international rating program Ecovadis to measure the CSR maturity of our activities and thus value local responsible approaches. This first approach led the company to obtain the silver label from Ecovadis in the first year from Ecovadis . This first evaluation is not the end of the story, as Toyal Europe has now set up various actions to improve this first rating. Thus, we wanted to articulate our purchasing approach around 4 criteria with a positive social impact.

Small companies :

Working alongside global industrial players is essential, but working alongside local economic players is just as important for promoting and consolidating employment and social cohesion

Social integration firms

Encourage and support actors who integrate people in precarious or fragile situations into working life.

Companies located in disadvantaged or less dynamic areas

Promote and enhance enterprises that operate in unfavourable ecosystems, where revitalisation is still necessary (e.g. rural areas) or where unemployment remains high

Companies employing people with disabilities.

Encourage, value and promote actions to recruit, integrate and maintain disabled people in employment.

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