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Our Human Resources Values

People at the heart of our processes...

Because we are first and foremost a human scale company, we are firmly convinced that in order to serve our customers with excellence, it is necessary to attach particular importance to each employee who makes up the company.

In today’s ever-changing world and as we transform ourselves as a company in the face of digital technology, we encourage and invest in the professional development of our employees.

We believe that every employee should reach his or her full potential as an individual.

That is why we strive every day to build a harmonious atmosphere together based on trust and competence.

Improving internal training, encouraging the hiring of young people, promoting our businesses through induction procedures in order to encourage apprenticeship, encouraging and initiating responsible management, these are the missions that drive us on a daily basis.

Nearly 2,000 hours are dedicated to training our employees (an average of 17 hours per employee).

Giving meaning to each person’s actions is the basis of collective performance and cements the cohesion of the whole company towards our goals.

Each employee is encouraged to ask the right questions and seek the answers, to ask for advice and suggestions from other team members, to explore new ways of doing things, to seek information to reduce uncertainty, to learn new skills even if they are not related to their own work environment.

Encouraging and maintaining proximity

respecting each person’s individuality to feel at ease within the team is essential so that each individual can fully thrive; this is why cultivating proximity in order to encourage listening, dialogue, equality and diversity remains our priority.

Helping people to develop and grow within a "learning company".

“Knowing how to share know-how”, passing on knowledge, learning from others, training to improve oneself, being an actor in one’s own development, becoming an in-house mentor or tutor, these are the objectives that guide us and bring us together.

Promoting well-being at work, working on drudgery and safety.

The year 2020 was marked by a decisive turning point in the rhythms and modes of work organisation. The measures put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 have accelerated internal reflection and work on flexibility in the workplace, particularly on telecommuting.

However, we remain vigilant because remote work has sometimes revealed its negative facets, such as isolation, loss of social ties or long working days.

Encourage exchanges around well-being at work. How do our employees feel in the company? What do they need? Is it necessary to reorganise the workspace? These are the questions that mobilize us through a Working Group dedicated to these subjects, a group that is part of a real strategy to improve well-being in the workplace.

So why join us?

Companies have always been and will always be a story of men and women united around a common project, so why not join us?

Joining us is an opportunity to exercise your talents within an international and innovative industrial group.

Joining us is the opportunity to join a company that puts people at the heart of its processes.

Joining us is an opportunity to develop and grow within a "learning company", because growing is also helping others to grow.

Joining us is the opportunity to be part of a team, to promote the collective for the benefit of common objectives.

Joining us means adhering to our values, which today motivates every woman and every man in our teams.

Joining us means addressing the challenges that drive you within a company where modernisation and digitalisation give everyone the means to act with agility and pragmatism.

Joining us is the guarantee of being considered, respected and listened to.