APWORKS / TOYAL Partnership

"Scalmalloy® by APWORKS“ – Partnership between APWORKS and TOYAL announced

APWORKS and TOYAL announce a strategic partnership in the further development,
production and distribution of Scalmalloy®.

Taufkirchen – November 23rd 2017 – In the course of this year’s formnext 2017 in
Frankfurt, from November 14th to 17th, APWORKS and TOYAL have announced their
cooperation in the further development, production and distribution of the patented
high-strength aluminium alloy Scalmalloy®.

The market for metallic 3D printing is developing at a breath-taking speed and besides the
growing demand of high-performance printing systems and integrated post-processing
steps, the utilized materials are increasingly gaining in importance.

APWORKS has recognized this need years ago with the development of its high-strength
aluminium alloy – named Scalmalloy®. This unique material, which has a comparable
strength to titanium, was developed as one of the first materials exclusively for 3D metallic
printing. By co-operating with one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality aluminium
materials – TOYAL – APWORKS follows the light weight trend of numerous industries.
Combining this trend with the added value of the 3D printing achieves the best possible
results in terms of strength and weight optimization.

TOYAL will produce the patented aluminium alloy Scalmalloy® on the company’s know-how
and is also focussed on potential further developments in the composition of the alloy or in
relation to an optimized production process. In addition, TOYAL will distribute the high-
performance alloy through its own distribution network.

« We are convinced that TOYAL is a cooperation partner with whom we can ensure a
continuous development of the material composition and the production process of our
unique material for our customers, » says Sven Lauxmann, Head of Sales and Marketing at
APWORKS. « The close collaboration creates an excellent synergy between TOYAL’s
decades of experience in the production and global marketing of aluminium based products
and APWORKS’ more intensive experience in processing Scalmalloy® in 3D printing. Our
common goal is to market Scalmalloy® by the global presence of TOYAL for numerous
customers and a wide range of applications ranging from aerospace to automotive up to

TOYAL, as a solutions provider, helps enhancing the value of the customers products.
“The partnership with APWORKS will strengthen the value Toyal brings by adding a
reference material, Scalmalloy®, to the existing portfolio of high quality aluminium based
alloy powders for Additive Manufacturing applications.” says Jun Kusui, Head of the Powder
& Paste business unit of TOYALGroup.

More about Scalmalloy® can be found at: http://www.apworks.de/scalmalloy/

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