1938 :  Company Forces Motrices du Béarn, which used to generate electricity from waterfalls, sign a contract with Alcan Aluminium de France to produce aluminium powder.

1946 :  The nationalisation of the electricity puts an end to low-cost operation. Therefore, the manufacturing of aluminium powder moves towards the production of aluminium paste.

1982 :  Alcan join forces with the Japanese group Toyo Aluminium K.K. to create Alcan Toyo Europe.

1988 :  Production capacity increase of the Accous production site.

1990 :  Transfer of lenticular pigment technology from Japan to France.

1997 :  Alcan Toyo Europe become Toyal Europe.

1999 :  Production capacity increase for the 76xx and 81xx families.

2003 :  Production development of the 56xx family.

2009 :  Implementation of a pilot scale chemical unit for the development of surface treatments onto particulates of aluminium pigments.

2010 :  Launch of the Cosmicolor® effect pigments for the Cosmetic industry.

2014 :  New production plant in Mourenx for the manufacturing of chemical treatments Emeral® and WXT onto aluminium pigments.

2014 : Launch of the Friend Color™ pigments, colored aluminium effect pigments.