Metallic compounds – METAX®

Metallic compounds « METAX® »


Beautiful and cost-saving

These are metallic materials for resin injection molding that achieve both a beautiful finish and cost reduction. The occurrence of weld lines during molding can be improved remarkably (METAX®). It is in use in a wide range of applications, including for engine covers and internal panels on automobiles, on domestic electrical appliances such as computers and in construction materials.
In addition to silver, we also have colored metallics with interference colors (METAX CHROMA®).


  General aluminium Non-weld aluminium
Front-view of weld line part


Weld line part


Weld line part

Flow of resin
Cross sectional view of weld line part


Weld line part


Weld line part

Our lineup also includes METAX NEO®, which has all the characteristics of METAX® and also has the added advantages of (1) ease of dispersion in the dilution resin, (2) ease of handling, and (3) solvent is not used.

Product name Average particle diameter D50(µm) Carrier resin Aluminium concentration (%)
NME030T1 30 LDPE 70
NME020T2 20 LDPE 70
NME040T3 40 LDPE 70
NME060T4 60 LDPE 70
NME020T5 20 LDPE 70
NME010T6 10 LDPE 70
NME005N1 5 LDPE 70
NME070N6 70 LDPE 70