AG-plated materials – Tecfiler™


Toyal Group have the capability to plate a uniform layer of silver onto metallic or inorganic particles.

Used as a filler, silver-plated particles can achieve high electrical conductivity and significant cost savings compared to pure silver.


  • Possibility to evenly plate silver on each individual primary particle.

  • Excellent electrical conductivity, resistance to oxidation, resistance to moisture and characteristics for ink preparation.

  • A wide range of particle sizes can be used.

  • Plating is possible on metallic cores (Cu, Al) and ceramic cores (Si02, Al2O3).

It is possible to choose the particle morphology (flakes or spherical particles) depending on the final application and the electrical conductivity requirements.


  • Electromagnetic shielding.

  • Electrically conductive ink, paste, coating etc.

  • Electrically conductive paint for aeronautics.

  • Printed & flexible electronics: RFID antennas, OLED, sensors etc.

  • For various industries such as aeronautics, automotive, mobile phones, military equipment, clothing, luxurious packaging and so on.

We can respond to different needs based on combinations of materials, particle morphology and diameter. Please contact us for details.