Aluminium nitride


TOYALNITE™ is a high purity aluminium nitride (AlN) powder with excellent thermal conductivity and insulating properties.

For sintering, filler and beyond …


Characteristics :

Very high purity AlN => Provides high thermal conductivity after sintering.

Particle size distribution adjustment => Reduces shrinkage of molded part and increases strength of sintered part.

Consistent quality management => Achieves stable quality.


Application example :

Electronic materials : substrate for power semiconductor device, substrate for LED, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, thermal conductive filler for TIM.


For filler (TFZ series) :

Features :

High thermal conductivity.

Good insulation performance.

Waterproof  treatment to eliminate hydrolysis.


For sintering :

Features :

High thermal conductivity due to high purity.

High strength of sintered body achieved by controlled particle size distribution.

High insulation properties. Coefficient of thermal expansion close to Si-chip.

Granulated products available for press molding :