Powder Coating

PCX series for interior applications and PCZ series for exterior applications are specifically developed for powder coating applications with good alkali and chemical resistance. Both series do not contain solvent and the surface of the aluminium paste is coated with acrylic resin.

Grade Technical data sheet Material Safety Data Sheet
PCX M20 TDS-PCX-M20.pdf
PCX M30 TDS-PCX-M30.pdf
PCX M50 TDS-PCX-M50.pdf
PCZ 7130 A TDS-PCZ-7130A.pdf
PCZ 7160 A TDS-PCZ-7160A.pdf
PCZ 7410 A TDS-PCZ-7410A.pdf
PCZ 7620 A TDS-PCZ-7620A.pdf
PCZ 7670 A TDS-PCZ-7670A.pdf