Printing Ink

Many end use applications require a high metallic gloss for eye catching and product differentiation

To this end, when printing techniques are applied, such as gravure, flexo or screen printing inks, we offer a range of products, called TDE series, developed with Ethyl Acetate as primary solvent to meet market requirements.

Grade Technical data sheet Material Safety Data Sheet
TDE 409 EA TDS-TDE-409-EA.pdf
TDE 508 EA TDS-TDE-508-EA.pdf
TDE 510 EA TDS-TDE-510-EA.pdf
TDE 712 EA TDS-TDE-712-EA.pdf
TDE 812 EA TDS-TDE-812-EA.pdf
TDE 914 EA TDS-TDE-914-EA.pdf
TDE 917 EA TDS-TDE-917-EA.pdf